5 month old Plymouth Barred Rock RoosterVery calm and sweet disposition Great rooster with hens Call or text Barred rock, rooster, cockerel Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster Ameraucana, Easter Eggers, blue eggs, Welsummer, Dark Brown eggs, Rhode Island Red, brown eggs, chicken, chickens, hen, hens, poultry, chicks, chick, Pullets, pullet
We have 3 chickens and sometimes they lay more eggs then we can eat. They eat organic non gmo feed and other organic treats. They also roam around our yard to eat bugs and other stuff for at least an hour a day. $5 for a dozen, text no calls please.
Hatched January 29, 2019PolishTop Hat ChicksFrizzle Cochin Bantam Chickschicken, chickens, Polish, Crested, Top Hat, Crest, Frizzle, Cochin, Bantam, hen, hens, poultry, chicks, chick, eggs
Refurbished 1999 diesel Panel van with brand new 8800 watt super quiet diesel generator .18 kitchen areaRoof AC unitRefrigerator Bottle coolerChest freezer Steam tableIce cream freezer Snow cone machine Large 3 compartment sink with sprayer Hand wash sinkWater heaterLots of storage Great concession stand for ball park, church fundraising vehicleI sell hotdogs,burgers,grilled chicken sandwiches....
Purebred black Sumatra chicks, unsexed, mix of boys and girls5 days oldPollitosLocated in harlingen Other breeds of chicks availableAlso on Facebook 3 HorseShoe RanchKeywords chickens, chicken, hen, hens, rooster, roosters, gallo, gallos, eggs, chick, chicks, pollito, pollitos, pollo, pollos, polka, pollas
Furnished home with free to use common areas when your rent private bedroom Including all utilities. Located in the Brownsville Golf Center off I 69 E. Hwy. 77 Hwy. 82 Frontage near Ruben M. Torres Sr. Blvd 802. San Marcelo.Bedroom available for monthly lodging in a newly remodeled home. Perfect for individuals looking for a private, professional, clean and quiet home. Fully furnished common ar...
Several breeds of chicks availableBuff orpington, female chicks $6Welsummer, female chicks $6Easter egger, female chicks $6White face black Spanish, both Male and female chicks, $5Silver laced wyandotte, both Male and female chicks, $4pollitosNo adults, chicks only Keywords chickens, chicken, hen, hens, rooster, roosters, gallo, gallos, gallina, gallinas, chick, chicks, pollito, pollitz, pollit...
Chicks Both Male and female chicks, $4 each chick. No adults available. Other breed of chicks availablePollitos Keywords chickens, chicken, chick, chicks, hen, hens, rooster, roosters, gallina, gallinas, gallo, gallos, pollo, pollos, polla, pollas.
chicks from a rare breed, white face black Spanish, mix of boys and girls$5 each chickChicks only, no adultsPollitosNot many left Keywords chickens, chicken, chick, rooster, gallo, gallina, gallinas, hen, hens, pollo, pollos, polla, pollas, pollitas, pollitos
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